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Automate Marketing Automation

let code = do('our job');

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Let's connect

Ahoj! My name is Mateusz Dąbrowski. I'm Marketing Cloud Architect and Salesforce MVP. I find joy in telling the code to do my job. Got questions, suggestions or want to get in touch?

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Pick my brain

My notes on AMPScript, SSJS, JavaScript, SQL and Configuration used in Marketing Cloud. Are you craving for more in-depth documentation or looking for tested code snippets? Hop in!

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Change the Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is powerful. But it can always be more useful. Here you can find all my Salesforce IdeaExchange contributions. Vote to make Marketing Cloud a better tool.

Most popular docs & snippets

SQL Basics
Best place to start your journey with writing SQL Queries in SFMC.
SQL Select
Learn how to SELECT the data and how to limit it with TOP & DISTINCT.
SQL Join
Check how to work with more than one Data Extension or Data View.
Create, calculate and format date, time and timezone with SQL.
System Data Views
Learn about hidden Data Views storing key data about your SFMC.
Debugging Email Sends
Step-by-step guide to resolving problems with SFMC email sends.
All you need to know about working with SFMC Behavioral Triggers.
Contact Deletion
Everything you need to clean up your SFMC from dirty Contacts.