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SFMC Account Architecture

Learn how to structure your Marketing Cloud Account to make the most of the Business Units, Marketing Cloud Connect and deliverability features.

Table of Contents

  1. SFMC Business Units (5:53)
  2. Business Units Setup Patterns (21:02)
  3. Single-Org vs Multi-Org (27:31)
  4. Marketing Cloud Connect Patterns (41:36)
  5. SAP, Private Domains & IPs (50:21)
  6. Deliverability & IP Warmup (56:22)


You Should Know

While one SF Org can have only one integration to a single Marketing Cloud Account, you can leverage more than one Integration User on the Salesforce side for that connection. Doing so provides a few significant benefits:

  1. The recommended limit of up to 5 Business Units per integration in Multi-Org is applied to the SF Integration User, not Marketing Cloud Connect itself. It enables you to use multiple SF Integration Users in a single SF Org to connect dozens of Business Units (up to 5 per User).
  2. The shared Synchronized Objects configuration per SF Org is applied to SF Integration User. It enables you to set distinct configurations per each SF Integration User (shared across Business Units connected using the same User).
  3. While you still cannot control the Synchronized DEs visibility of SFMC Users, you can control which Objects and Records are being synchronized to each Business Unit by applying appropriate Permissions to each SF Integration User. It enables use cases like syncing different Contact Record Types to each Business Unit.

Using the above approach requires additional User licences on the SF CRM side and adds complexity to your implementation. However, it can significantly expand possible use cases in Multi-Org configurations. Full details in the Marketing Cloud Connect Integration Patterns deep dive.


28 January 2023Salesforce Marketing Cloud Infrastructure Setup - Org Setup
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