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SSJS + JS + AMPScript + SQL + SFMC Config documentation and code snippets that I find useful for developing Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Server-Side JavaScript#

SSJS is an XX-century version of JavaScript paired with proprietary libraries created by Salesforce. It is one of the programmatic tools useful to leverage Marketing Cloud to its fullest potential. I am creating this documentation to make my (and hopefully also yours) work easier.

SSJS Documentation#

SSJS Snippets#

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In this part, I am gathering selected elements of modern vanilla JavaScript that I find helpful for marketing technologists. Expect guides on asynchronous calls to API and backend resources, form-focused DOM manipulation and playing with data objects.

JS Documentation#

Read about JavaScript


AMPScript is a proprietary scripting language in Salesforce Marketing Cloud along with SSJS. Out of the two, it is simpler and more performant, but too limited for complex solutions. Good starting point for marketers without development experience. Best option for scripting in messaging.

AMPScript Documentation#

AMPScript Snippets#

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To fully leverage the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Data Extensions and Automation Studio, SQL is a must-have. Here I gathered both the language basics and some of the most valuable snippets to copy and paste shamelessly.

SQL Documentation#

SQL Snippets#

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SFMC Config#

Many things in Salesforce Marketing Cloud aren't coding but have a massive impact on the code. Permissions. System Data Views. Configuration options. Here I focus on the most important ones that are crucial for Marketing Cloud developers.

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SFMC Use Cases#

Knowing how to code is one thing. Knowing what to code is another. In Use Cases, I focus not on specific features of the Marketing Cloud configuration or its programming languages but rather on using them to drive business value. Take a look and pick what you need.

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I'm updating the docs ongoingly, so expect changes. You can track those by watching and starring the website's Github Repository.