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AMPScript in SSJS

Not all AMPScript functions are available in SSJS. But you still can use them.

Engage with Countdown

Start boosting conversion rates right now! There are many ways to engage customers, and urgency is the king among them. Learn how to leverage it today.

SFMC AppExchange Solutions

Fill the feature gaps with plug-and-play apps. Salesforce Marketing Cloud AppExchange ready-to-use solution highlights.

SFMC Code Resource

Learn how to use and abuse SFMC Code Resources, the free-of-charge programmatic powerhouse.

SFMC Contact Deletion

Marketing Automation is as powerful as the database quality behind it. To make it good you must first remove the bad. Let's do it.


SELECT your best contacts FROM Salesforce Marketing Cloud WHERE Data Filter is not enough.


Empower your Marketing Cloud queries with conditional SQL CASE logic.

SFMC SQL Debugging Email Sends

Make finding problems with email delivery in Salesforce Marketing Cloud great again. SQL with Query Studio to the rescue.


Data Extensions. System Data Views. With the JOIN statement, use one query to rule them all.


IS NULL, or IS NOT NULL, that is the question. Ways of working with NULL values in SFMC SQL.


Use WHERE to make your query lean and to the point. Less is more.

SFMC System Data Views

Dive deep into System Data Views - the backend Marketing Cloud data. Actionable pearls await.

SFMC Webinars

My SFMC Webinars with key points, recordings, slides, snippets and articles. All-in-one, all for free.

Solve with Cloud Page Apps

Create micro applications tailored to your organisation needs using only Salesforce Marketing Cloud features.

SSJS Loops

Let's dive into limited looping options of the SSJS.

SSJS Style Guide

Script with style. Readable code is a few rules & best practices away.

SSJS vs AMPScript Performance

Should I use AMPScript or SSJS? Which is better? As always, it depends. Check the performance comparisons for various use cases.

Tailor the experience with data logic

Everyone and his boss are talking about personalisation. Most stop at tailoring the content. Don't be that person. Utilise the power of simple data logic and control the user flows.

Zen of SFMC

Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation, development and operations Best Practices. In brief and detail.