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SFMC Features On Demand

Discover the Salesforce Marketing Cloud's Features On Demand and unlock platform potential.

What are Marketing Cloud's Features On Demand?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is full of features straight out of the box. You can spend hours going through various panels and menus, discovering more options to make the instance your own and align it to the business needs.

There is, however, a group of features that you won't be able to find. Salesforce hid them until you ask the Support (Free) or Account Executive (Paid) to unlock them. SFMC Features On Demand.

Why are they not available by default? There are various reasons:

  1. Some require irreversible changes, so Salesforce wants to be sure you know what you want.
  2. Some are putting a strain on the backend, so it is better to keep them off by default and enable only when a client needs them.
  3. Some have an additional cost and require a purchase before enabling.
  4. Some are dependent on specific modules, so there is no need to have them by default.
  5. Some will probably be added as a standard in the future (just as it has been done with previously on-demand Profile Attributes, Script Activity, Shared Folders and others - more on that in the bottom).
  6. Some are no longer provided even when you ask (sweet, sweet Code Activity for Journey Builder...)

I always wanted to have a full list of those features but could never find it. So here it is.

You Should Know

This document is a living thing. Salesforce adds, deletes and updates the Features On Demand with Marketing Cloud releases. I try to keep it up-to-date, but your help with this task will be appreciated.

If you found anything below no longer correct or know yet another hidden SFMC feature - please let me know.

Marketing Cloud Settings Features

Feature NameDescriptionDocumentationType
Basic Audit TrailCaptures information about SFMC access and security changes.Audit TrailFree
Advanced Audit TrailCaptures Basic Audit Trail Events and critical events around Emails, MobileConnect, Mobile Push, Cloud Pages, Automations, Journeys and Google Analytics Integration.Audit TrailPaid
Smart Alerts for Marketing CloudEnables automatic notification for Marketing Cloud problems like slow Email Send speed, Journeys starting without contacts, Automation issues, etc.Proactive Services for Marketing CloudPaid
Multi-Org AccountAllows you to connect different Sales/Service Cloud Orgs for each Marketing Cloud Business Unit. It is not reversible.Multi-Org AccountFree
Restore Encryption at Rest KeyIf you revoked (Bring Your Own) Key for Encryption at Rest, this allows you to restore the key and retain the data if you act fastRestore SFMC Encryption Key?
SSO MetadataAllows you to implement Single Sign-On for your Marketing Cloud instance.SSO ImplementationFree
Custom Access Permissions for SFTPYou can ask Support to configure per-folder permissions for your FTP usersN/AFree
SFTP Limited AccessYou can ask Salesforce Support to limit an SFTP User access to only specific SFTP FoldersN/AFree

Deliverability Features

Feature NameDescriptionDocumentationType
Sender Authentication PackageSAP is a collection of products including Private Domain with link and image wrapping (unique for SAP), Dedicated IP, and Reply Mail Management. Must-have.SAPPaid
Additional Dedicated IPYou can purchase additional dedicated IPs to manage more significant volumes or split communication types.Dedicated IPPaid
Additional Private DomainYou can purchase additional private domains to differentiate various communication types. This feature does not cover link and image branding.Private DomainsPaid
SSLSecures your traffic and gives that sweet HTTPS, a must-have nowadays. Once purchased, configuration is now self-serve in SFMC Setup.SSL CertificatePaid
Reputation Audit TestAd hoc request allows you to receive information about the current state of the blacklists, authentication, DNS and content reviews (spam assessment) for your dedicated IPs.Reputation AuditFree
Reputation Audit Account[Deprecated] Allows you to receive a dedicated account to Reputation Audit tool so that you can check the state of your dedicated IPs without creating recurring Reputation Audit Test requests. No longer supported.Reputation AuditN/A
Bounce Detective[Deprecated] Sends email alerts when recent send has an elevated bounce rate at any domain with 25+ recipients and provides per-domain bounce-focused analysis. No longer supported.Bounce DetectiveN/A
Sender Rating[Deprecated] Provides a breakdown of current deliverability-focused sending scores, with trends, in a visually digestible format.Sender RatingFree
Dedicated IP Custom ConfigurationBy default, if you have multiple dedicated IPs, your communication will use all of them by splitting the volume into 5000 emails batches and rotating the available IPs to push those. You can also assign a specific IP to a particular Delivery Profile. However, with the help of Support, you can create hybrid solutions like pools of few IPs per each delivery profile. It might be crucial for massive senders.N/AFree
MTA Email ThrottleApart from Email Studio Throttle feature focused on controlling engagement stream there is a deliverability-focused throttle added to a selected dedicated domain(s) on the MTA level. Perfect to limit send speed for reputation building purposes.N/AFree

Email Studio Features

Feature NameDescriptionDocumentationType
CAN-SPAM Compliance CheckMarketing Cloud by default requires you to be compliant with US CAN-SPAM regulation by enforcing Commercial / Transactional split of messages and requiring specific data to be available in the email footer. If you are sending to non-US recipients, you can ask to switch off that requirementCAN-SPAM ComplianceFree
Email Send LogAllows you to log send-time data about your emails. Requires two features: Send Log Data Extension Template and Business Rule on the backend of SFMC to populate Data Extension based on this template. If your Send Log doesn't work, you probably miss the Business Rule (it can be set to Blank, _AUTO or ENT._AUTO depending on whether you want Send Log to ignore errors, capture Business Unit sends or all Account sends respectively). Ask for both.Send Logging in Email StudioFree
Auto-Suppression ListAllows you to suppress Contacts from receiving any Emails from the whole instance or specific classification and Business Unit. No need to attach to each send as with standard Suppression Lists.Auto-Suppression ListsFree
Exclusion ScriptsAllows you to define custom exclusion logic evaluated at send time using AMPScript. If possible, use segmentation, suppression and auto-suppression lists due to performance reasons, but in some cases, Exclusion Script might be the only way. There is also a matching feature for Journey Builder Emails. Ask for both.Email Studio Exclusion ScriptsFree
Custom List DetectiveAllows you to block sending and subscribing all contacts with specified Email Address username (for example admin@) or domain (for example Custom rules are applied for all current and future Business Units.Custom List DetectiveFree
Custom List Detective AllowlistOn top of Custom List Detective you can also ask Support to add specific usernames or domains to Allowlist. Might be useful, as this setting will overwrite the standard List Detective.Custom List DetectiveFree
Email AttachmentsAllows you to send emails with attachments.Email AttachmentsPaid
Preserve Reply AttachmentsForwards attachments added to the reply email via RMM's auto-forwarding.Reply Mail ManagementFree
Enhanced Sender ProfileAllows you to personalise the From Name and From Address per each Subscriber using AMPScript.Personalised Sender Profile?
Email ArchivingAllows you to save a copy of your Emails of particular Send Classification to Enhanced FTPEmail ArchivingPaid
Email Send ThrottleAllows you to control both the maximum amount of messages pushed in a given timeframe, as well as the hours when the sends occur.Send ThrottleFree
CC and BCC for EmailAllows you to use CC and BCC in your Emails. You can even use personalisation strings for it (f.e. %%AccountOwnerEmail%%). Watch out for unsubscription rules!Select AudienceFree
Additional Email AttributesAllows you to use custom email attributes to use for personalisation. Perfect for tracking links. You can ask Support to enable more than default 5.Additional Email AttributesFree
MicrositesAllows you to access a Classic view from the Email Studio - Content and create Microsites. As it is a legacy feature that is being sunset, you will need a strong business use case to get it.N/AFree
Custom Preference Center LinksSFMC has a set of personalisation strings for preference management: %%subscription_center_url%%, %%profile_center_url%%, %%unsub_center_url%%. By default they link to the respective out-of-the-box pages, but support can redirect them to any other URL on requestN/AFree
Custom List-Unsubscribe Header LinkSFMC automatically unsubscribes your contacts from the list assigned to the email when List Unsubscribe is triggered. Support can redirect it to any other URL (like Preference Center or custom Cloud Page handler).N/AFree
Custom Transactional Email Header & FooterYou can ask Salesforce Support to update your transactional emails header and footerN/AFree

Mobile Studio Features

Feature NameDescriptionDocumentationType
SMS Send LogAllows you to log send-time data about your SMS. Requires two features: SMS Send Log Data Extension Template and Business Rule on the backend of SFMC to populate Data Extension based on this template. If your Send Log doesn't work, you probably miss the Business Rule. Ask for both.SMS Send Logging Data ExtensionFree
Push Send LogAllows you to log send-time data about your push notifications. Requires two features: Push Send Log Data Extension Template and Business Rule on the backend of SFMC to populate Data Extension based on this template. If your Send Log doesn't work, you probably miss the Business Rule. Ask for both.Push Notification Send Logging Data ExtensionFree

Analytics Builder Features

Feature NameDescriptionDocumentationType
Datorama Reports AdvancedAllows you to customize and create dashboards, add dimensions and measurements, track cross-channel engagement and query the data. Replaced the Discover Reporting Tool.Datorama Reports AdvancedPaid
Custom ReportsAllows you to request creating a new Report aligned with your needs.N/APaid
Account Utilisation ReportAd hoc request to get the current utilisation status of Super Messages.N/AFree

There are some additional analytics and tracking related features within Automation Studio Features - Data Extract Types. For example Include User Agent Information, Unique Clicks and Opens, Campaing ID and more.

Interaction Studio Features

Feature NameDescriptionDocumentationType
GuardianContinuously monitors additional metrics like clicks, events and impressions gathered from your site, web application, or mobile app.Interaction Studio GuardianFree

Journey Builder Features

Feature NameDescriptionDocumentationType
Exclusion Scripts for Email ActivityAllows you to define custom exclusion logic evaluated at send time using AMPScript. If possible, use segmentation, suppression and auto-suppression lists due to performance reasons, but in some cases, Exclusion Script might be the only way. There is also a matching feature for Email Studio. Ask for both.Journey Builder Exclusion ScriptsFree
Salesforce Activities for Single OrgBy default integrated Single Org SFMC can use Salesforce Journey Activities (both Data Entry as well as Data Update ones) only on Parent BU, but Support can unlock those also for all Child BUsN/AFree

Automation Studio Features

Feature NameDescriptionDocumentationType
Data Extract TypesAdds various Data Extract Activity options in Automation Studio. Don't feel limited by the list available in the documentation. There are multiple other available, for example: Delete File From ET FTP or Safehouse, Enhanced FTP File Move and Copy, Custom DE Extract With Zip, Data Extension Extract with File Encoding BOM and gzip. Just state what you need, and there is a big chance there is a ready solution that can be enabled. And if not - check next point.Data Extract ActivityFree
Custom Data Extract TypesIf the Standard On-Demand Data Extract Types are not enough, you can request creating a custom one to suit your needs.N/APaid
Salesforce Objects & Reports ImportIf you are using Marketing Cloud Connect, you can ask Support to enable additional Import Activity Type to pull Objects and Reports to Salesforce Data Extensions folder.Import ActivityFree
Additional Automation ActivitiesYou can ask Support to enable a few additional Automation Activities focused on Journey Builder and Salesforce integration.On-Demand Activities?
Allow Blank File ProcessingBy default, if your import activity encounters blank file, it will error out. This Business Rule allows it to continue the processing as normal.N/AFree

Contact Builder Features

Feature NameDescriptionDocumentationType
Custom Data Extension TemplatesAllows you to request the creation of a custom Data Extension template that users can later use to auto-populate DE configuration.N/APaid
Custom Data ViewsAllows you to request the creation of Custom Data View. Mindblowing option.Example Custom Data ViewPaid
Data Extension IndexRequired for ClaimRow() AMPScript function and an option of last resort for performance optimization in some cases.Applying an Index to a Data ExtensionFree

Developer Features

Feature NameDescriptionDocumentationType
SOAP Triggered Send PrioritizationAllows you to declare priority for your Triggered Sends created via API.Triggered Send PriorityFree
SOAP Disable Datetime NormalisationBy default dates coming to Marketing Cloud via SOAP API will be normalised. You can ask to disable it.Datetime NormalisationFree
Salesforce AMPScript Functions for Single OrgBy default integrated Single Org SFMC can use Salesforce AMPScript functions (like RetrieveSalesforceObjects) only on Parent BU, but Support can unlock those also for all Child BUsN/AFree
You Should Know

Some features are currently added Out of the Box for new Salesforce Marketing Cloud deployments but were not in the past. If you are rocking old instance, you might also be interested in features like:

  • Script Activity for Automation Studio: use SSJS in your Automations
  • Shared Folders for Content Builder: make your Content available across multiple Business Units
  • Profile Attributes for Email Studio: Subscriber attributes stored at All Subscribers level and available for personalisation
  • Brand Builder: allows you to style Salesforce Marketing Cloud a bit by using accent colours and adding your company logo.